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Kim Macy

Kim Macy is a spiritual counselor focused on awakening the purpose of the soul. This unique counseling method calls on the voice of the spirit to elevate consciousness. Kim is an intuitive, empathic listener able to quickly identify patterns that no longer align with the inner spirit. She is an expert at assisting clients in dissolving old patterns and behaviors while integrating the desire of the mind, body and spirit.

Intuitive counseling sessions are beneficial to those who are ready understand their personal power and inner authority. The most dynamic aspect of these sessions is the client’s willingness to engage their inner voice and deepen personal connection with their soul purpose.

The process involves identifying challenges and assisting with quantifying emotional response to understanding more about human nature. Challenges are an opportunity for deepening the connection to the human spirit.

Depression, purposelessness, grief, anger, fear, regret... are all guides to help clients come into alignment with their personal truth and inner wisdom. Instead of feeling as if they are at the mercy of the world, clients express feeling a sense of personal power, peace, and joyful inner authority. An added benefit is knowing that you are living a life in alignment with your soul.

Kim Macy has helped clients:
  • Create a successful career path by understanding unique soul calling
    while learning to apply purpose in the community
  • Consciously move through grief, pain, anxiety and fear
  • Live an empowered life in brilliant partnership their spirit
  • Understand the soul purpose of depression
  • Experience passionate, balanced, healthy romantic relationships
  • Heal conflicts within relationships through couples counseling
    and family counseling
  • Develop the tools of faith, hope, and trust in your divine plan
kim macy

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