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Mystery School

The Temple of the Goddess Mystery School is a Divine Feminine Initiatory Process that awakens women to their soul power and presence. In this year-and-a day journey to the center of your soul’s light, you will awaken the Goddess within and reclaim your spiritual purpose here on Earth. It is vital to the balance on our planet that women awaken the truth of their spirits and embody the wisdom all women carry within. Based on ancient ways of connecting with Mother Earth and Her rhythms, you will experience deep connection with your spirit, the Goddess, solar and lunar timings, and the call of your own soul purpose as designed by you prior to your incarnation here on planet Earth. Within a sacred sisterhood, you will explore your spirit for the keys to unlocking your own personal mystery while claiming powerful tools for transformation along the way.

The Temple of the Goddess Mystery School is about connecting with that sacred space within to quiet the mind and hear the voice of Spirit. It is an essential process to awaken the Divine Feminine in your life and also on our planet at this powerful time of the Great Shift. The journey is unique to each participant as you heal and integrate in harmony with the call of your spirit. Priestess Kim holds space for what want to come through you, the soul essence that longs to Emerge in its fullness and beauty. For women who have already discovered their soul purpose and are actively living it, the Temple of the Goddess Mystery School provides incredible support for deepening your intuitive gifts so that you can sustain the energy required to walk your sacred path. Circles of women naturally share wisdom with one another and learn from each individual’s life experience. There’s nothing quite like a Sister Circle of Wisdom!

The opportunity to participate in the Mystery School flows according to sacred timing. Circles are announced every two years. If you are interested in being considered for this process, simply email You will be notified of an upcoming gathering. There is an Application Process open to women who have already been living a conscious path, doing their “work”, and who are ready to face their limiting belief systems and call all parts of themselves Home. Personal and financial commitment required. Circles are limited to 11 women and meet one Saturday a month for 13 months.



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