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Shamanic Services

The shamanic path embraces all life experiences as vital and necessary to the evolution of the Spirit. Every challenge we experience presents us with an opportunity, every wound provides us with specific wisdom we now carry as powerful Medicine. Sometimes, we are too close to our own path to see how all things are working in our favor to help cultivate the spirit and reveal the true essence of the soul. Healing Ceremony shifts our perspective and allows us to walk in our Divine Wholeness.
Shamanic Journey
The Shamanic Journey is a way clients may access other realms with the assistance of Priestess Kim. The Journey begins with the client on the massage table while the healer calls in the support of her Higher Self, spirit guides and archangels. The client speaks a personal intention for the journey and the session unfolds. Sacred herbs such as sage, cedar, and sweetgrass are used to create healing space then the heartbeat of the drum allows the client to journey. Priestess Kim may drum, sing, and tone into the energy centers (chakras) of the body to move any stuck or stagnant energy. Sound vibrations heal blocked areas in the body and encourage a healing vibration to take the place of heavy, dense energies. Clients report feelings of comfort, being with friends or family who have crossed over, past life visions, and other altered states that help integrate the gifts and wisdom each soul carries.
Soul Retrieval
A soul retrieval is the process of retrieving and integrating an aspect of your spirit that may be stuck in the past or in a traumatic time. A soul retrieval is needed when the client is stuck in a prior wound, unable to fully move forward in wholeness. Sometimes, an incident in a past life causes the need for release and integration. We can easily identify the source of the wound, regardless of when it occurred. This is a gentle process as Priestess Kim intuitively assists clients in identifying the specific aspect of the self that longs for integration and creates the sacred, safe space in which to integrate the spirit. Helpful for clients who have suffered from abuse in childhood, traumatic loss, sudden, unexpected change, been witness to an atrocity, or feel fractured in some way. The process may involve Shamanic Journey and/or Guided Meditation.
Inner Child Healing
Einstein’s Theory of Relativity proves that all time is simultaneous. This means that even if you as an adult have moved on from the pain of childhood, there is still an aspect of your 8-year-old self experiencing pain and suffering on the Time-Space Continuum. Typically, the need for Inner Child Healing is revealed in an Intuitive Tarot Card Reading. Priestess Kim can see specifically what the wound is and when it took place, then work with the client to listen to the voice of the Inner Child. Many times, it is the suffering of the Inner Child not being heard that leads to challenges and burdens as an adult. By embracing this part of your spirit, you are able to provide the comfort and nurturing your Inner Child needs in order to live life in your natural state of wholeness.
Clearing of the Energetic Field
Your Energetic Field extends as far out as your arms can reach in front of you, above you, below you, behind you; basically 4-5 feet in diameter around the physical body. This is also called your aura. Many people do not have a regular practice of caring for the Energetic Field and may not recognize the symptoms of a compromised field. It can feel like an energy drain, heaviness, tiredness, intense pain or stiffness in the neck and shoulders, sudden dizziness, anxiousness or headaches that come and go. Priestess Kim is able to scan your Energetic Field to determine areas that may be blocked, stagnant, or “frozen” and help get the energy moving again in a way that revitalizes the body. Chakra balancing is included in this session. Clients will also learn how to maintain an efficient flow of energy throughout the body as Priestess Kim shares The 5-Minute Daily Energy Medicine Routine as taught by Donna Eden, author of Energy Medicine: Balancing Your Body’s Energies for Optimal Health, Joy and Vitality.
Shamanic Cleansing
In this healing practice, Priestess Kim blesses water to create Holy Water and adds soothing essential oils to cleanse and heal the spirit. She charges the water with sacred stones, then uses this water to literally cleanse and wash the body. The client lies on the massage table with minimal clothing while Priestess Kim sings and clears the body from heavy burdens and unwelcome energies. An excellent experience for all people on a path of transformation who are ready to release anything not of the soul essence, clearing the way for the Emergence of the Soul Self. A living prayer, this Blessing of the Body nurtures and supports your physical container for the Spirit to shine!

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